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S&W M&P Shield and M&P Shield Plus

S&W M&P Shield and M&P Shield Plus

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Q-Series Stealth S&W M&P SHIELD and M&P SHIELD PLUS

Compatible with Smith and Wesson M&P Shield and M&P Shield Plus, all calibers (except Shield EZ)

Q-Series STEALTH Holsters are made from a tough injection molded construction. They're extremely durable, ambidextrous, low-profile, & tuckable. Positive retention on both the gun and the waistline keeps everything exactly where you need it.

Items can be worn with/without a belt.

Physical, aftermarket modifications to the firearm's trigger guard may result in improper fit and retention.

All orders ship within 7-10 business days.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Shield Plus gets stuck in holster.

The the fit is too tight and takes a great amount of effort to get the gun out of the holster in your hands, let alone your belt. I tried bending it out, but still extremely hard to get out of the holster. I returned immediately because I would never feel safe accessing my gun when I need it. I have the same holster for my Glock 19 and it fits well. I like it. Firm but not extremely tight like this one.

Chito Alfonso
It’s the wrong item you sent me. It does not fit my S&W M&P Easy .380 pistol.

I want to review it if you sent the right one. Can I exchange it? Or get a refund?

M&P 2.0 Stuck in holster cannot draw out

M&P 2.0 stuck in holster cannot draw out, had to muscle it out of holster. Not safe for carry.

Good Holster

I say good and not great because I can't reholster very well after drawing my pistol. It's a very comfortable holster to wear all day. Pistol snaps in and needs a decent pull to come out. It will not just fall out. No screw problems like stated by other user. I have recommended and will continue to recommend this holster.

kwang lee
Not good design for the Shield

the holster fits the gun well and hides well in the appendix position.
However, the section with the screws is too long so it protrudes far below the muzzle. This makes it dig into the body when in a seated position. I can only wear this holster for hiking and walking. I may try cutting it down but that will also cut off one of the two retention screws.