Concealment Perfected. Performance Defined.

                                             What Customers are saying about Q-Series

"After 19 years as a Trooper in Massachusetts, 10 of which have been in plain clothes or low visibility assignments, I finally have a holster that has the qualities that I have been looking for; security, concealability, and comfort. I have worn 7 different types of holsters over the years, but the Q series is by far the best."


"If you carry appendix you'll love this rig. After buy and trying one I bought two more. They stay put until you need your weapon, reholster great."


"Solid construction, nice fit and finish overall. Got it for my Glock 42 and haven't had another minimalist clip or holster that I liked more. Sometimes I forget I am even carrying the little 42."


"My first thought " Finally someone is really thinking about professional end users". If you want a streamline, quick, and comfortable rig, THIS IS IT! If I'm carrying all day for low vis , I can't imagine reaching for another holster, whether its a G19 or a G42 you can expect high performance every time. Thanks Gary this is high quality kit."


"If your undercover or out with the family no one will every know. This holster is amazing. I carry it every day it's quick lightweight and holds it position with lightning fast results as long as you’re training. Great product, it really deserves more than 5 stars."


"An excellent choice for concealed carry/low-vis operations. This product delivers and should be an addition to anyone's kit. The Q-Series Minimalist is my go-to holster."


"Can't say enough good things. Very well made and comfortable. Has positive retention and I love that fact that I can easily reholster it."


"Great design that works, and man, is that clip secure. I've tested without a belt and it works 100% on 20 test draws. Completely comfortable for me with a Glock 43, who knew you didn't need all that extra mass & material!"


“This is a great holster. I use it for my Glock 19 gen 4. It conceals extremely well, holds firm inside the waistband, has great retention and allows for full firearm functionality, except for shooting, of course. I have recommended this holster to multiple people; you can carry it in just about any position you want. Just buy it, you will not regret it.”


“I am assigned as a plain clothes Detective and have tried almost every concealment holster out there. The Q-Series holsters are definitely some of the best I have ever used! The Stealth Minimalist is durable, lightweight, and well constructed. I Highly recommend this brand to anyone looking for a great concealment holster!”


“Stop looking!!! You will not find a better holster. Very pleased with this holster! It holds the gun in place and does not move around like some of my other ones. Does not have the bulk or added weight. It is very well designed!” holster! It holds the gun in place and does not move around like some of my other ones. Does not have the bulk or added weight. It is very well designed!”